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Welcome to your solution for expert leadership that meets your business needs – wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our Virtual CEO services offer an innovative approach to navigating through crisis management and driving successful business transformations.

We understand that hiring a full-time CEO isn’t always practical or cost-effective. That’s why we provide seasoned leadership on a flexible basis, tailored to your specific circumstances. With our virtual CEO, you gain the benefit of high-level strategic oversight, expertise, and guidance without the commitment of a full-time executive. Let’s transform your business together.

What is a CEO?

A CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, is the highest-ranking executive in a company, responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing overall operations, and being the primary point of communication between the corporate operations and the board of directors. They set the company’s strategy, vision, and culture, oversee financial performance, and guide organizational growth. As the public face of the company, they also represent the organization in public engagements, stakeholder meetings, and major negotiations. The CEO’s leadership is crucial in driving the company’s success, managing its resources, and ensuring its long-term sustainability in the market. Importantly, they set the tone for business culture and organisation models that massively influence success.  

What is a Virtual CEO?

A Virtual CEO, or V-CEO, is an experienced business leader who provides strategic guidance, leadership, and support to organizations, typically from a remote location. Rather than being a full-time, on-site executive, a V-CEO offers their expertise and insights on a flexible, as-needed basis. This means you get the benefits of seasoned leadership without the full-time executive price tag.

A Virtual CEO is often used re-energise business strategy or enable a pivot. They may be used in times of crisis to help recovery and establish a new leadership team. They’re also used simply to support existing executives when workloads are stretching people too thinly. As a V-CEO comes with a wealth of hands-on experience, often gained globally, they can also help set or change business culture to motivate and build the workforce needed for growth.

Examples of how a Virtual CEO can help

  • Start-ups

    Leading strategy and business planning, designing organisation structure and build-out, driving funding plans and pitching are all in a day's work for a Virtual CEO. In the start-up phase, everyone wears multiple hats. The job just needs to get done!

  • Scale-ups

    It's great when a business launches. You may be funded or bootstrapped but either way growth is normally on the cards. Our V-CEO's help scale in pragmatic yet innovative ways. Always with energy and balancing financial, people and customer needs.

  • Enterprise

    In established, large businesses, our V-CEO's are often placed to lead business divisions or global functions. Given their smarts and experience they are also used to support existing CEO's or the executive team as trusted advisors with a hands-on bias.

  • Busines Pivot

    Despite best efforts, the market may throw existing business plans into disarray. Sometimes a pivot is needed, leveraging the best of what you have, to drive new directions.

  • Crisis Management

    Challenges can arise from risks or market forces.The combination of multiple unforeseen factors can generate a crisis that, if not managed well, may result in business termination. Our Virtual CEO's have experience that can help.

  • Growth Driver

    It's easy for long-time team members to become 'operationally immersed' and fail to innovate to drive growth. Our talented team of Virtual CEO's ensures that growth is front-and-centre pulling all the right levers to make it happen.

What are the benefits of a Virtual CEO?


Virtual or Interim CEOs can usually be arranged quickly to support crisis management or urgent needs. Longer-term assignments, full- or part-time, are also common.


Our Virtual CEOs have global, multi-cultural exposure across major enterprise, start-ups and scale-up businesses. Decisive and dynamic leadership to bring the change you need.

Cost Effective

Your ability to hire a part-time and/or remote CEO resource helps budget management. In times of need, tactical use of experienced CEO resources can bring great value.

Proven Results

Our seasoned Interim and Virtual CEO team have many years of cross-sector experience to draw upon. Delivery orientated, you can be confident in results.

How can an Interim CEO help in times of business crisis?

When a business is facing a crisis, swift and decisive action is often required. An Interim CEO comes with the experience and knowledge to steer your company through challenging times. With a deep understanding of crisis management, our Interim CEO services provide the leadership needed to stabilize operations, reassure stakeholders, and put your business back on track. An Interim CEO can help in assessing the situation, developing an effective recovery plan, and implementing the necessary steps to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

How does an outsourced CEO role fit to business needs?

Outsourcing the CEO role is an innovative solution for businesses that need expert leadership without the commitment or cost of a full-time CEO. An outsourced CEO can provide strategic oversight, drive transformation, and lead change, adapting their services to your business’s unique needs and challenges.

Whether you’re a startup looking for strategic direction, a company in need of transformation, or an organization in the middle of a crisis, our Outsourced CEO services offer a flexible and cost-effective solution.

CXO's on tap!

Expert leadership when you need it most. Getting the job done. Owning, driving, supporting, or advising. Your call.

How can Virtual CXO's help?

Virtual CXO’s provides a range of leadership resources on demand. Part-time or full-time, either way they will get you results. Urgent and transformational needs or longer-term strategic assignments are all within our comfort zone. 

Take the first step towards transformation and growth. Hire a Virtual CEO now and take your business to new heights.

With our Interim and Virtual CEO Services, you’ll gain the leadership and direction you need to thrive in any business environment.

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