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What is a Virtual CXO?

A Virtual CXO (VCXO) is a C-level leadership resource available on-demand, usually remotely and often on a part-time or ad-hoc basis. Of course, on-site presence can be assured where necessary. 

VCXO’s provide senior-level expertise in business or functional leadership. They may be engaged in many different scenarios, for example, to supplement or advise existing leadership, drive a business change, or provide support to recover from stress situations. 

Virtual CXO roles typically include all C-suite positions such as CEO, COO, CCO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CHRO etc. or functional/divisional heads. Resources may be engaged on a regular, scheduled basis, or ad-hoc based on needs. Engagements can be one-off for project or urgent scenarios, or for the long-term to assure consistent support. 

More questions? See our Hiring a Virtual CXO FAQ below or drop us a line.

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What are the benefits of a Virtual CXO?

On-demand Expertise

Virtual CXO's can usually be arranged quickly to support your immediate requirements. Short-term or long-term, part-time or ad-hoc flexibility.

Global Experience

VCXO's bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and lessons learnt the world-over. Many of our VCXOs are multi-lingual and all have a high-level of business English.


We pride ourselves on innovation thinking and delivery agility. There's no point doing the same thing if it's not working. Setting direction, pivoting or transformation.

Specialist or Generalist

Sector or functional specialisation is available. Plus an abundance of general management talent that helps your business shine.

How does a Virtual CXO engagement work?

We try to make things simple and will work with you in the way that you prefer. Bear in mind that our VCXOs have a lot of experience and will usually add great value in defining how things should work. We listen, you listen, we agree. 


We will have an initial meeting to review your needs. If we believe we can help, we will sign a mutual confidentiality agreement to allow us to define the role of the VCXO in more detail and make a proposal on how we might engage.


Following review and agreement to scope and terms, our contract will lay out the engagement in straight-forward terms with clear pricing and operating parameters. We can build in as much flexibility or control as you wish.


Getting the job done is our primary goal and we will adapt as needed to drive the desired success. We will advise and align to an agreed delivery approach ensuring appropriate tracking and targets are in place.


We include regular client checkpoints and peer insights to ensure that we add the maximum value. VCXOs report primarily to your nominated executive but we know that some extra inputs and regular alignment ensure progress.

FAQ: All you need to know about hiring a Virtual CXO

Our Virtual CXO’s have broad experience. We support SME’s (going for growth or transformation), and enterprises that require additional special expertise to drive changes through. In effect we support any business that requires additional bandwidth or skills to get the job done. 

We have some deep experience in telecoms, technology/software, financial services, logistics, and FMCG but as we keep adding new resources we can’t really claim that our VCXO offer is niche to a sector. Our team ranges from self-employed interim advisors, through management consultants and small business leaders, to former members of large global organisations. What we can promise is that each and every VCXO will be matched to your needs and you can decide if they fit or not.

Anywhere and everywhere! Many of our team have worked in multiple countries. Some have tended to localise to a country or region. But as much of the work is likely to be remote, providing the VCXO is a fit for your needs, location is not an issue. People can travel if required for specific needs. 

We manage the contract between client and VCXO resource. Some of our resources are contractors (independent specialists) and others are in-house team members. So it is easier for us to keep it simple aligning client needs with resources for selection and subsequent agreement to commercial terms.  

Even just an hour is possible for repeat clients! We’re pretty flexible on terms and will assess based on your described needs and what we think is appropriate, all subject to agreement. 

Some of our clients prefer to have a VCXO as an accessible team member on flexible-terms (ad-hoc use) throughout a period with minimum and maximum utilisation hours set. For example, 12 months assignment with minimum 2-days per month, maximum 5-days per month (sort of thing). Others like to use our Virtual CXO’s for project based results, e.g. cost transformation or business restructuring. Some like retainer and fee models. We will consider any sensible approach providing it works for both parties. 

We remain open to anything that helps deliver on your goals. Typically we would have a lead Virtual CXO and they would have peer inputs for specific aspects, and assignment reviews periodically. Our management team like to ensure things are going well and will partake in scheduled review meets with the client. Additional resources can also be added as needed during the course of an assignment. If changes are needed to resources, we’ll discuss and agree what is required. 

Yes. Several of our team are experienced NEDs. 

Sometimes. We always listen and speak to our team to assess interest. However, as with any business, we need to make a living and so there would normally be an element of funded work to complement any equity deal agreed. 

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