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How to become a Virtual CXO

It’s not for everyone. But if you have the Virtual CXO DNA, then you’ll love it. How do you know if that’s you? Well, there’s a bunch of information in our FAQ section that might help.

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If you’re a proven results-driven leader with a great attitude, can be flexible in approach, and enjoy working remotely, you may wish to consider joining our VCXO team. But please check out our FAQ section first to be sure you know what you may be in for.

You’ll get to work with a great bunch of people!

Do you have Virtual CXO DNA?

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Hear from some of our Virtual CXO team



V-CMO | CPO | CCO | CHRO | Transformation

Spending many years in global corporations and in various functions has gifted me with tremendous insights in what works to create success. And importantly, what can hold businesses back. Being financially independent I now work part-time as VCXO; not because I have to, but because I love it. The joy of seeing our clients succeed is amazing.



Leadership & Commercial Coach | Trainer

As a professional leadership coach and trainer I have helped many individuals and businesses reach their stretch goals. I love helping people transform their skills and enhance their capability and confidence. Seeing the change from one week to the next is an amazing feeling. With Virtual CXO's I get to do what I like, when I like. Plus I get to work with a whole range of fascinating people and businesses globally. What could be better!?



V-CEO | CCO | CMO | COO | Transformation

I've been doing Virtual CXO work for some years now and really enjoy the work-life balance that it enables. Plus what can be better than working with a bunch of really interesting businesses around the world that seriously want to evolve? It's great to get to know amazing people and see the results of their efforts. Being part of so many interesting business journeys is really rewarding. Board membership and leadership roles are my sweet spot.



V-CEO | CIO | CTIO | COO | Transformation

With many years of functional, transformation and technology leadership and advisory under my belt, I can honestly say working as an Interim and Virtual CXO is extremely rewarding. I not only get to work with great clients around the world, but the team of like-minded peers in our trade is second to none. Every project is a challenge - that's why they bring you in - but seeing the result keeps you going.

FAQ: All you need to know about becoming a Virtual CXO

Our typical Virtual CXO’s have a FAIR few things in common, including:

  • Flexible: Adaptable. Once committed, makes it work. 
  • Attitude: Positive. Motivational. Can-do, gets done. 
  • Innovative: Do things different. Apply lessons learnt.
  • Results: Experience that makes a difference. 

You may be suited to being a Virtual CXO if you:

  • do not want to commit to full-time, permanent employment
  • can communicate very well at all levels of business
  • have relevant leadership experience
  • can get your hands dirty and not just talk the talk
  • have a positive attitude and enjoy the ride
  • are very comfortable in working remotely.

As a Virtual CXO you get to choose who you work with and on what terms. If there is no match in expectations between the client and our VCXO, we will try to find another resource with a fit. You’re never forced into an assignment. Assignments only work well as a 2-way street. But when you commit, delivery is expected.

Again, it depends on what you and the client want and need. Some assignments can be full-time for short periods (like an interim management role), whilst others are maybe only a couple of days per month with regular engagement. We also occasionally get requests for brief consultations or coaching that may be 1-4 hours only.  You decide what suits.

Large parts of the work are remote, but if there is a need to travel then this should be factored in to the choice of assignments. We cannot let clients down and so it is better to be clear up-front on travel or other location requirements. 

Whatever you’re good at! Business-level English is a baseline requirement for many international assignments. But as smaller business recognise the benefits of using a Virtual CXO, local language skills become increasingly important. 

The work is wide and varied. Some clients like to use Virtual CXO’s as executive advisors to frame and deliver strategy. Others as hands-on leaders in urgent change or recovery situations.  In M&A or investment deals we’re often sector or deal advisors. A common focus is to drive cost reduction and operational change to improve profits and customer experience. And on…

Registered self-employed, partnerships or company entities are generally needed to become a part of our Virtual CXO team. We need to be sure that everything is above board in terms of your ability to work and pay taxes, wherever that may be! Best talk to us if there are different approaches you think may work. 

Every client and VCXO will have different expectations on rates and these will depend on a number of factors such as location, sector, experience, budgets, role, utilisation etc. Rates would be discussed with you beforehand and all negotiations kept within agreed parameters. We try hard to make it work. 

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