Why hire a Virtual CXO?

Virtual CXO’s have been given a bit of a boost these last couple of years with the pandemic. But in reality it’s always been where the world was going. Reaching the right talent and skills, with the right attitude, was always challenging. And when you need that on a non-permanent employee basis, then options are limited. So, maybe this is when you hire a Virtual CXO?

Consultants play their part. But the big firms are too expensive for many. And even then the way that big firms pad-out the account with junior resources whilst still charging the earth is less appealing to savvy businesses these days.

VCXO’s ensure that the right talent is available, when it is needed, and at a fair price. The flexibility of a Virtual CXO is a critical benefit… many smaller businesses just can’t afford a full-time COO or CCO for example. It’s way more efficient to ‘rent’ some talent to help drive the strategic change they need without a full-time or long-term commitment.

Larger businesses often need to supplement their existing leadership pool to accelerate change, or transform operations. Start-ups require insights from people that have experienced the ride they’re about to go on. Smaller businesses need the bandwidth and experience that VCXO’s bring. Sometimes there’s just not enough people to move at the speed that is needed!

You get the picture. Lots of businesses have good cause to need flexible and talented leaders to fill gaps, make changes or simply grow in ways they’ve struggled to do in the past. That’s what we do at Virtual CXO’s. We drive the change that our clients’ want. What they deserve.

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